Hi again I’m working on another art project.

Its really hard to work on it when you cant be alone because your little sister keeps singing. we have a rocking horse and she keeps using it and that makes noise so its hard to focus so now I need to stay in my room and draw instead of drawing in the living room like I’m used to do I’m gonna keep on drawing until I’m finished I will post again as soon as possible

Hi this is my first blog so be gentle with the comments

My name is Ellen and I’m 11 years old. And this blog is about my life as a gamer fnaf fan and stuff from my real life. I’ll be posting at least once a week if I remember it. You will get updates about how I am, how my pets are and fan art, sometimes even how I look. I am very shy so if we ever meet which we probably won’t, I’ll be very awkward. And sorry if my English is bad I’m from another country